Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I am so excited to be speaking about this new Royal eyeshadow palette that Lorac came out with for the holidays! Not only is the packaging beautiful and classy, but the colors and pigmentation are incredible. When I first saw this being announced in my ULTA e-mail,  I had to have it. I just had to!

The packaging made me go gaga, lol. Not literally... but you can say it was "love at first sight" lol. I have never seen such a beautiful and delicate looking packaging for makeup. I went to ULTA (because it is an ULTA and Khols exclusive sale) to purchase it and I was hoping that it would not be sold out. Due to it having 4 palette cases for $38, it can get sold fast.

As soon as I saw the palette in front of me, it  was a larger "love at first sight" lol. The packaging for each has gold detailing (as seen in the picture above) and the material of the casing is velvet; it gives you that Christmas feeling. Each of the palettes come with different colored eyeshadows. They seem to almost match the casing of them. Such a cute idea!

Of course, I thought about you guys and so I decided to do swatches and a little review for each of them.

 Here we go! 

* These do not have names under each color how some palettes that you may use, have. The sequence I will go with will be from left to right. I am not using eye primer on any of the swatches. By that, I mean that you can tell that it is already very pigmented.


Light Beige: Shimmery light beige.
Light Mauve: Although the palette makes it seem like a light brown, I say this one looks like a light mauve once applied onto the skin. It is shimmery.
Burgundy: I love this color because you can make some nice outer crease color out of it if you use "beige" on your lids. Such a cute combo! It is matte.
Black: Your casual smokey eye black. It is matte.


Beige: All of these come with a beige, except Duchess. This beige is lighter than the one in Queen and it is a shimmery beige. You can use it as a brow bone highlighter and an inner eye corner highlighter as well. Very sheer but you can build it up.
Light brown with a dark orange base tone: This color is shimmery. I am not a Crayola box so I do not know every color in the Crayola box... but from what I can tell, it has a dark orange almost brown base to it.
Brown: This is such a beautiful brown. It is shimmery as well (most of the colors in this collection are shimmery). This brown is not too light and not too dark. It's the perfect shade of brown!
Deep green: This green is a deep dark green. Can be used as a crease color. It is matte.


Light Beige: This beige is the most pigmented beige out of all of them. It is matte so it makes it better to play around with.
Gold: This is such a true to gold color. Excuse my cameras flash because it made the gold seem orange... It is actually gold on the skin. Very beautiful. It is shimmery.
Medium Dark Brown: This brown is a deeper brown than the one shown in Countess. It is shimmery.
Dark Brown: This brown is the darkest of all browns in the collection. You can create a nice brown smokey eye with the colors in this palette. It is shimmery.


White: This one is the only white in the whole collection. It is matte.
Metallic Silver: This silver is a true metallic silver. It is shiny and gives a metallic feel.
Grey: Matte grey, darker than metallic silver and lighter than black. Plain ol' grey lol.
Deep Dark Turquoise: May look black in the package but it is actually a dark turquoise. I thought it was black until I applied it. Looks can be deceiving! lol. It is matte.

Overall, this palette collection is very beautiful. I love the mix of matte  and shimmery colors. You can definitely play around with all of these and accommodate it for each time you wear them. You can go light with all the beiges and light tones and you can go dark with all the dark toned ones. LORAC, you did good, boo!

Not only do I adore the packaging, but the colors and pigmentation have won me over. I am one of those that my eye shadows must be pigmented. I do not want to keep reapplying the same shade until I finally reach what I like. So {five stars} for this collection.

I hope you have all enjoyed these Royal eyeshadow palettes swatches. If you like it, go buy it before it's too late! lol.

Have a wonderful day! xoxo, Olivia.

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